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The Health Agency Friend Newsletter September 1, 2021

Seniors and Technology Former Forbes magazine contributor, Robin Seaton Jefferson reveals that Seniors are embracing technology. Yet she poses the daunting question, “But can they use it?” (Forbes, June 29, 2019). With the speed and advancement of technological demands, it is near to impossible to stay abreast of the latest tech trends. This reality further challenges seniors in keeping up with utilizing computers, platforms and other virtual systems effectively and with ease. This often renders them feeling frustrated.

Imagine navigating portals such as physician offices, laboratory, clinics, and hospital portals. When you think about it, without training, one is left to read the directions and figure it out. The lack of a live person contributes to seniors disconnecting from the portal without completing the required information. My senior parents have experienced technological discouragement due to complexities of navigation. I encourage you to view the video by Isabela Martinez who has established innovative ways to serve seniors in technology.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, BSN Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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