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The Health Agency Friend Newsletter 10/01/2021

Seniors Enjoying Movement Your Health Matters


“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” – Denis Waitley

All our lives things like work, important meetings and deadlines have contributed to pushing the health envelope. Well Carolyn what do you mean? I’m glad you asked.

Health is an asset that we must continuously invest in. When we were younger our bodies were physically pushed and pulled to the maxim and we handled it well without repercussions.

We were often able to delay rest and recovery time for our bodies and continue with other pressing pursuits.

As a result, we missed what I call significant red alert signals from our bodies.

The constant delay of not heeding these red alert signals contributes greatly to health depletion.

Time is an asset that cannot be recovered once it is lost.

As children we did childish things. We consumed too much junk foods, too much sugar and perhaps too many sodas to name a few.

As adults we are expected to think differently and manage our time and health with excellence.

How do we accomplish managing our health?

We should admit the need for health education and seek help.

We should align ourselves with a community that embraces healthy lifestyles.

For example;

eating healthier and exercising( to your level of tolerance of course).

Identifying food cravings and triggers that are unhealthy and building alternatives choices.

Be willing to adjust your thinking about your health

And most importantly discuss with your professional clinician.

Health is a gift! You must decide to care for it or watch it deteriorate.

Just as time can be squandered if not managed well, so can good health.

Don’t wait until it is too late to make a difference.

Your health matters to the Health Agency Friend.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, BSN


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