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The Happiness of Not Needing Happiness

"Those who are the most happy appear to know it the least; happiness is something that for the most part seems to daily consist in not knowing it." --Dr. Joyce Brothers

June 2021 has finally arrived bringing summer sun and fun with family. At least this is the notion of many here in California. The most exciting moment of summer, are long evenings and light of the day shines until 9 0'clock at night. What a wonderful experience gazing beautiful sunsets, wrapped in warm nights. A wonderful time to visit and share family stories, and barbecue in the backyard or patio area. A season to breath and relax. It's a time of refreshing. Indulge yourself in activities such as drives to the beach, biking, or taking a brisk walk along the beach ports. How about traveling to different states and explore new cities you've never visited before. Summer is a time for families to shine.

One thing we can agree on, is every human searches for happiness and peace. Some find them both and others search a lifetime. Director/Writer Jon Favreau wrote a wonderful movie called the Chef (2014) with John Fareau, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavlae, Sofia Vergara, Amy Sedaris, and Robert Downey Jr. Its about a chef who loses his job at an esteemed Los Angeles restaurant after getting into a fight with a food critic. He decides to go back to his roots and cook different food, buying a food truck that he operates with his young son. What's interesting, is the Chef refused to focus on the loss of his job, and created another opportunity. How does this relate to our health challenges?

Let's look at this scenario. An 84 year old males follow up visit with the eye specialist. He had visual field studies, and a full examination of his eyes a few weeks before the follow up visit. The doctor entered the examination room to discuss the results of his eye studies and informed the man that his vision is declining and to expect blindness. The man slumped in his chair, took a deep breath and said to the doctor, "So, I drove to your office, was able to see the street lights and stop sign with no problem, and you say doctor that I'm going blind doctor are you sure?" Yes, I am. Blindness doesn't happen overnight, but it is gradual. But, I don't have diabetes, hypertension, or eye disease. I don't understand. Are there glasses to help my vision? Should I have surgery? No, glasses won't help and surgery is contraindicated. So, I sit home and wait for blindness to visit me? No, you continue your life and when the eye sight changes, you will need to adjust to the change. The man thanked the doctor and drove home. When he arrived home he opened his door and entered his house. He yelled to the celling, I will not lose my sight and turned on the television.


Think of a few responses you may have after receiving a new diagnosis?

Identify 3 ways to adjust your life.

There are diagnosis that result in the management of symptoms, but it does not mean one should stop living. Just as the man yelled, I will not go blind. Could it mean he would not go blind to the possibilities of living a full life?


If happiness truly consisted in physical ease and freedom from care, then the happiest individual would be, I think an American cow. -William Lyon Phelps

Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, BSN


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