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Feeling Alone

2020, has challenged us in many areas. The world we once knew has changed. It’s the COVID virus says many, no it’s our leaders. Nevertheless, our world has collided with a deadly pandemic. There are no partiality traits, this pandemic has affected us globally.

Many of us, struggle with the fear of loneliness. Due to the COVID-19 virus. Families are separate. Planning family gatherings is precious and special to many of us. There is an alteration in our families due to the pandemic, evident by family separation, governmental mandates such as stay home orders. These changes are overwhelming. Isolation, contributes to feelings of loneliness.

Loneliness, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary. Sadness because one has no friends or company. "feelings of depression and loneliness" desertedness

(of a place) the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation.

Are you feeling deserted today?

Psalms 25:16 KJV

Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.

Family time is available, accessible on Zoom, Google meet and FaceTime.

Call a friend today. Schedule weekly calls.

Carolyn Coleman Grady

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