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2021 Questions to Ask senior family members

End of life planning is important to ensure your love ones wishes are honored.

  1. Do you have a durable power of attorney? Are updates needed?

  2. What are your end of life wishes?

  3. Do you have a will or living trust?

  4. Do you have long-term care insurance or another plan in case long-term care is required

  5. Have you made sure that these documents are current

  6. Where can we find these documents if we ever need them?

  7. Is someone advising you on Financial Matters? What is your financial situation

  8. If something where to happen to Carmen or her family where would you like to live?

  9. Do you visit the doctor regularly?

  10. Do you feel like you understand why you’re taking the medicines you’ve been prescribed

  11. What is your health insurance coverage

  12. What health issues are you most concerned about for the future

  13. Who would you like to take care of your finances if you couldn’t do it?

  14. What are your wishes for a funeral or memorial services?

Carolyn Coleman Grady RN, BSN


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