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The Health Agency Friend, Inc. Helps seniors thrive in their community. This organization assisted me with transferring my medical records from home state to my new state. The team was helpful, patient and followed up to make sure my records were received by my new doctor. Thank you Health Agency Friend.
Harlene Winfred Hartwell

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The Health Agency Friend
Welcomes You!

Let’s Succeed Together

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About The Founder 
Carolyn Coleman Grady RN, BSN

Consulting with Purpose

My name is Carolyn Coleman Grady and I have served the community as a health care professional for over 40 years.


Over the past 13 years, I've worked for one of the most prominent home health care agencies in Ventura County serving as the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Manager, Clinical Supervisor, Tele-monitoring Manager, Associate Administrator/Associate Director of Patient Care Services, and as the Administrator and Director of Patient Care. 

The Health Agency Friend, Inc. is a Tax Exempt 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing seniors education, and community resources which assist seniors in meeting their

daily needs. Your Financial support is needed to assist in our efforts to educate patient, caregivers and family and provided community supportive resources. Our future goal include senior transportation. Your financial donations will enable us to reach underserved vulnerable seniors.  The Health Agency Friend, Inc, core values include Integrity, trust, respect, and excellent customer service. We pride ourself by committing to follow-up timely to meet the clients we serve. As a result of the aging  population which continues unabated at a disproportionate rate due to a decline in births. The Health Agency Friend, Inc. will support likeminded organization in education and community resources. Our educational process includes  virtually webinars, and telephonic contact with our clients. The Health Agency Friend, Inc.  subscribes to a life style approach that partners with seniors in developing ways to meet their individual needs. We anticipated The Health Agency Friend, Inc.  will aggressively expand exponentially in the first 5yrs of operation. As healthcare become more complex the demand for patients meeting basic needs will impact their healthcare. 

Mission Statement

The Health Agency Friend, Inc. stands on a foundation of integrity, commitment and values the health and welfare. Our organization is dedicated to empower seniors to thrive in their community.

Our team believes seniors' and their love ones need support accessing community services. The Health Agency Friend, Inc. is committed to senior education, caregiver and  family support.   The care of seniors matters to the Health Agency Friend, inc.  The Health Agency Friend, Inc, is familiar with community resources, like home health care, independent living, caregiver services with 4.5-5 star ratings. Whether seniors have caregivers or living alone The Health Agency Friend, Inc. is here for you.  

Organization Objectives

  • To help family members develop competence in providing care of love ones in the absence of professional care.  

  • 75 % satisfaction rate for the services provided from surveys return. 

Having an attitudes of honesty, loyalty and caring,  empowers seniors to thrive in their communities.  

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