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Carolyn Coleman Grady is a great visionary, clinician, supervisor, manager, and nurse! She is also great at conflict resolution!

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About The Founder 
Carolyn Coleman Grady RN, BSN

Consulting with Purpose

My name is Carolyn Coleman Grady and I have served the community as a health care professional for over 40 years.

Over the past 13 years, I've worked for one of the most prominent home health care agencies in Ventura County serving as the Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Manager, Clinical Supervisor, Telemonitoring Manager, Associate Administrator/Associate Director of Patient Care Services, and

as the Administrator and Director of Patient Care. 

As the administrator, I directed the daily clinical operations, developed agency policies and procedures, partnered with local community facilities to improve quality patient care, facilitated home health overview for student nurses and devised strategies to help manage high risk patients using the Telehealth program.

In addition, I assisted in developing a state approved Nursing Preceptor Program which provided comprehensive one on one training for graduating nurses in order to provide them with the necessary skills and experience to confidently work in the home health care field.

Currently, I’m a wife of 30 years. My husband and I have 3 extraordinary sons (now men) and enjoy spending quality time together. We also enjoy spending time with our extended family. My parents, who are in their eighties and have been married since the age of fifteen, have utilized the services of home health agencies on many occasions.

The Health Agency Friend is a non-profit company that is dedicated to providing education, resources, nursing advocacy to assist seniors with meeting their daily needs. Financial support is needed from the public in order to develop a patient advocacy services. Contributions and financial donations will enable us to meet our financial goals and operations for the next 3 years. The Health Agency Friend was founded as a result of the aging  population which continues unabated at a disproportionate rate due to a decline in births. The Health Agency Friend will provide transportation to and from doctors appointments, assist seniors in managing their medications, and chronic disorders. Assistances will also be provided  virtually through webinars, and telephonic sources. The Health Agency Friend subscribes to a life style approach that partners with seniors in developing ways to meet their individual needs. We anticipated that the nonprofit will aggressively expand exponentially in the first 3yrs of operation. As healthcare has become more complex the demand for patients to have someone that can assist them with receiving the proper treatments for their major medical issues is tremendous.

Mission Statement

The Health Agency Friend, Inc. stands on a foundation of integrity, commitment and values the health and welfare of seniors. We believe seniors and their love ones need support and access to community services. The Health Agency Friend is committed to educating and supporting caregivers and seniors develop reasonable goals that align with standards of care. We believe family caregivers desire to provide excellent care.  Care of seniors is important to the Health Agency Friend.  The Health Agency Friend is familiar with community resources such home health care, independent living, caregiver services with 4.5-5 star ratings. Whether seniors have caregivers or living alone The Health Agency Friend is here for you.  

Company Objectives

  • To help family members develop competence in providing care of love ones in the absence of professional care.  

  • 90% satisfaction rate for the services provided from the surveys that the clients return. 

  • Inform the patient of community resources that are available. 

Having an attitudes of honesty, loyalty and caring matter to me and my family unit. These core values also translate into my professional life. I look forward to partnering with you.  Contact me today!

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The Health Agency Friend
Welcomes You!

Let’s Succeed Together

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